Robert McKay Jones


Robert McKay Jones is the President of Transportation Resources, Inc. (TRI), a company founded in 1982 to provide technical and software development services to transportation service providers. Over the years, the company has extended its reach into other markets and services, TRI grew to be known as providing customized software solutions to various industries for web, mobile and desktops.

Bob is also involved with the preservation of historic archives, structures, sites and documentation in his home town of Sterling, Massachusetts. He is Chair of the Sterling 1835 Town Hall Committee dedicated to the preservation of the noted meeting house and is a member of the Sterling Historical Commission whose mission is to identify, protect and preserve the historical tangible evidence of the architectural, aesthetic, agricultural, cultural, economic, political and social history and unique heritage of Sterling. He has authored many articles and documented historical subjects including The Historical Evolution of the Sterling 1835 Town Hall and Wekepeke along with contributing to Wikipedia for notable Sterling forefathers.

Also an accomplished photographer, Bob has donated some of his photography to this site. His works can be seen in his blog and his photography site.

Bob supports the endeavors of the Kenneth Mason Waugh Nonprofit to support local military veterans making strong connections with local farming initiatives.