Nominating Committee

One of the first things necessary to start Kenneth mason Waugh Nonprofit to create its first Board.

To that end, a Nominating Committee has been formed which will act as the foundation to both introduce and examine quality Board candidates.  We are excited in that we will soon be sharing information about several people who have agreed to be part of our Nominating Committee.

Becoming a member of the first Board has the job of getting the organization off the ground and create a functioning entity.  Therefore it will be a Working Board, which requires special people with specific skills. Individuals best suited to accomplish this need to have a strong belief in the organization’s mission. These Board members must collaborate well with the Founder, Paul Edward Gingras.

The Board members  will take initiative and not hesitate to put work in and have a real physical presence.

The Board collectively must possess skills in areas such as law, nonprofit accounting, project management, marketing and communications.

The search for new Board members is a strategic activity that has long-term implications for the Board’s effectiveness.