Howard Phillips

Howard Phillips is the son of Sedalia, Missouri-born Howard J Phillips and Sfax, Tunisia French
Eugenie Sergent-Phillips. Currently a teacher and visiting lecturer in film and media production
in Boston and Rode Island, as well as occasional projects in Massachusetts, Mexico and
He says “I was brought up in both a military family in that my father lived the majority of his life
working in the USAF, and he brought his wife and family with him to the various bases he was
stationed at, t through the US and in Germany. When he was stationed to remote sites where
his skills were needed along the anti-ballistic radar belt in Alaska, Greenland and Iceland, we
lived with my mother’s family in the south of France. While stationed for four years in Germany
in Kindsbach then later at Ramstein AFB, we lived in German towns since both my parents
wanted all of to learn to communicate locally. While enlisting in the military services was a
lifesaver for my father at the time, he experienced his share of professional challenges as well
as ethical ones. I am grateful that military service was available to my father at the time when he
enlisted in 1946, I also appreciate the values that military life offered us. And thanks to the
freedom to question as well as support veterans from all branches of the service. Ive had the
great pleasure and experiences as a teacher with veterans at Boston University as well as at
Bunker Hill Community College.”