Bob Flanagan

Robert Flanagan

Bob Flanagan is a lifelong resident of Worcester, MA. He has a deep-seeded passion for social justice issues and has actively sought to make improvements to the Worcester community for much of his life.
Bob was educated in the Worcester Public School system and graduated from Burncoat High School. In 1967, he was drafted into the United States Army and stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey and later in Wurzburg, Germany. He was honorably discharged in 1969 with the rank of Sp. 4 Communications Expert. Following his time in the army, Bob spent time doing odd jobs in Worcester, such as landscaping. He briefly experienced homelessness for about 5 months around the age of 24, living on Indian Lake and surviving on money he made at any jobs he was able to find.
Later, Bob held positions with the Key Program and Y.O.U., Inc, working with youth categorized under the Chins Status by the Department of Youth Services. He also worked for the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. Following this, Bob worked for the Department of Public Safety at UMass Hospital from 1984-1995 doing dispatch work, however, he left due to down-sizing.
Bob currently works at WPI in the Maintenance Department. During his time at WPI, he has also worked for various organizations serving the homeless and impoverished populations of Worcester. He served for 9 years as the Residential Councilor for the Massachusetts Veterans Shelter and presently works at Youville House, a Catholic Charities organization that works with homeless families.
Bob has done a great deal of volunteer work in Worcester and served on many organizations with social justice missions, especially in the areas of homelessness and poverty. He served on the Worcester Homeless Rights commission, the Worcester Homeless Action Commission, and worked as a child advocate for CASA. He also worked for SMOC at the building that was formerly the PIP Shelter.  He currently serves as a community organizer for the Worcester Homeless Action Committee. Bob has formal training in campaign management and community organizing, among other areas.