Vivek Brian Dabreo


Vivek Dabreo helps brands allocate and track the budget, communicate with outside stakeholders, contractors and others, maintain the risk and help with risk management, and project teams to complete a project well within the triple constraints bounds. At the Clark University, Vivek learned the importance of applying classic techniques to modern brand strategies from experts in the field, including his Portfolio management professor, Wael ateli. Having a deep background in IT helps him keep up with the latest trends and foster modern technology in organizations.Recently he finished a Project on customer conversion and marketing tactics and participated in a group project on improving SEO. Vivek is currently finishing his Masters of Science in Information Technology with a major emphasis on Project management and is interning for Kenneth Mason Waugh Non-profit to align their strategic objectives, mitigate risks and setup the Technical Infrastructure up in hopes to market and help transitioning military veterans transition into a more sustainable lifestyle .